Friday, 28 March 2008

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth by C.I. Scofield

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth by C.I. Scofield: "Click here to read C.I. Scofield's 'The Biggest Failure of the Church Age'"

The Coming Abomination

The Coming Abomination: "The Coming Abomination"

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Pre-Trib Research Center: Premillennialism in the Old Testament

Pre-Trib Research Center: Premillennialism in the Old Testament: "The Basis for the Belief in the Messianic Kingdom
Premillennialists have often been criticized for basing their belief in a Millennium entirely on one passage of Scripture, Revelation 20. Because it is found in a book well noted for its high use of symbols, they say it is foolish to take the one thousand years literally. But that is hardly a valid criticism. To begin with, while it is true that the Book of Revelation uses many symbols, it has already been shown that the meaning of all those symbols is explained either within the Book of Revelation itself or elsewhere in the Scriptures. Furthermore, never are years used in a symbolic way in this book. If they are symbolic, the symbolism is nowhere explained. The mention of 1,260 days, 42 months, and 3½ years are all literal and not symbolic. Hence, there is no need to take the one thousand years as anything but literal years. The desire to spiritualize the text always places the burden of proof on the interpreter. Without objective proof it will result in a subjective interpretation."

The Jerusalem Connection International

The Jerusalem Connection International: "Getting Rid of Israel"

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Further Transformations Deception

Further Transformations Deception: "The Lord Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil in people's lives (1 Jn. 3:8). He delivers us from the Evil One and destroys his strongholds of sin in our lives when we are saved and sanctified. We must be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, and have no need of people practicing spiritual warfare in our town or city, or that inner healing is done for us to eradicate the curses that our forefathers have placed on us. If the Son has made you free, you will be free indeed – irrespective what your background is or how depraved your life is.
There is no evidence in the Bible that the people of this land are subjected to bonds and strongholds because of the spirit worship and witchcraft that was practiced by the ancestors of the Bushmen and the black people. Neither are we influenced by any bloodline curses because of the sins of our forefathers – unless we condone these sins in our hearts and continue them. Even then, we are only guilty of our own sins. Every person, also the blacks and the 'red' people, only need to confess his or her own sins and sinful nature to the Lord and He will cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 Jn. 1:9). He will remove our transgressions from us as far the east is removed from the west. We do not need to address demonic strongholds in the air by trying to pull them down and break their power.
In Christ, the devil is a defeated foe, but in the majority of unsaved people he is still the god of this world who blinds the senses of people (2 Cor. 4:4). These people love darkness more than the light because their works are evil (Jn. 3:19). In the war against the Evil One it is not territories, cities or towns that must be delivered from his power, but individual people who were slaves of sin. To them there is salvation in the name of Jesus."

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Abrahamic Covenant

Abrahamic Covenant: "The Abrahamic Covenant Defined
The LORD made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants consisting of three components:
God promised Abraham personal blessings:
'As for Me, behold, my covenant is with you, and you will be the father of a multitude of nations' [Gen 17:4] 'I will establish my covenant between Me and you, and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you.' [Gen 17:7] 'And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing;' [Gen 12:2]
God promised Abraham and his descendants a great land and to make him a 'great nation.':
'I will make you a great nation.' [Gen 12:1"

Replacement Theology Defined

Replacement Theology Defined: "Replacement Theology is a doctrinal belief that has become extremely pervasive and quite common in the Christian church of today, thanks to the non-biblical, false doctrine being opined by church 'leaders' like Stephen Sizer. There is an extensive amount of biblical support of the fact that God has never, nor will He ever reject His people--the House of Israel. Advocates of Replacement Theology purport that Israel, in their ungodliness and rejection of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, has been replaced by the Church. Furthermore, they maintain that the 'New Testament Christians' have superseded 'Old Testament Israel' by way of the New Covenant ushered in by Yeshua. As such, their doctrine asserts that the literal 'Israel' and 'Jewish people' mentioned in the Holy Scriptures are merely an allegorical representation of Christians, who have essentially 'replaced' God's Chosen people and assumed the role of the 'new Israel' in God's plan of redemption."
for in the time of trouble he will hide me in his pavilion; in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me and you. ps27v5